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The Digi Buddy platform helps Higher Education Institutions to find matching institutional partners to exchange information & experiences and to establish collaborations that are beneficial for all partners

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Digi Buddy connects you with higher education institutions that are looking for partners to collaborate with in the following areas:

HEIs should make the most out of the opportunities presented by digital transformation and consider digital technologies as a key enabler.

Entrepreneurial teaching and learning involves exploring innovative teaching methods and finding ways to stimulate entrepreneurial mindsets.

Knowledge exchange is an important catalyst for organisational innovation, the advancement of teaching and research, and local development. The motivation for increased collaboration and knowledge exchange is to create value for the HEI and society.

The concept of an entrepreneurial / innovative HEI combines institutional self-perception, external reflection and an evidence-based approach.

In offering targeted assistance , an HEI should ideally act as part of a wider business support ecosystem rather than operating in isolation.

Digi Buddy supports collaboration and innovation of higher education institutions through:

Digi Buddy uses the current eight HEInnovate dimensions for the matching procedure. Head to Find a partner to look for relevant buddies.

Inspiration fiches summarize evidence from scientific literature and resources from the HEInnovate platform and BeyondScale, providing a menu of typical challenges that higher education institutions face when becoming more entrepreneurial.